Our Background

The Larkin Difference

Larkin’s pioneering use of innovative cloud-based technologies including big-data analytics, machine learning, deep content inspection and advanced encryption provides our customers with both superior protection against the latest advanced threats as well as lower total-cost-of-ownership, compared to alternatives provided by traditional security vendors.

Larkin’s solutions uniquely deliver:

Superior Defense against Today’s Advanced, Targeted Threats

Leveraging big data analytics, deep content inspection and machine learning, Larkin detects and stops targeted “spear phishing” and other advanced attacks more effectively than competing alternatives. By processing and modeling billions of messages per day, big-data analytics allow Larkin to spot anomalies in traffic flow to detect targeted attacks.

Deep content inspection enables Larkin to identify malicious attachments and distinguish between valid emails and “phishing” emails designed to look authentic and trick end-users into divulging sensitive data or clicking on a malicious URL. In addition, Larkin leverages advanced machine learning to detect and quarantine targeted “zero-hour” attacks in realtime—even if they have not been seen previously at other locations.

The combination of these capabilities along with closed-loop incident response delivers a level of data protection that legacy solutions (which were designed to stop the broad-based attacks of past years) cannot match.
Comprehensive, Integrated Protection for Private Data

Our broad set of solutions—including Larkin Enterprise Protection, Larkin Enterprise Privacy, Larkin Enterprise Archive, Larkin Governance, and Larkin Essentials—spans threat protection, compliance, governance and secure communications. These solutions enable organizations to:

  •     Keep malicious content out of their environments
  •     Prevent the theft or inadvertent loss of sensitive information
  •     Collect, securely retain, govern and discover sensitive data for compliance and litigation support and
  •     Securely communicate and collaborate on sensitive data with customers, partners and suppliers.

Just as importantly, our solutions are designed to work effectively even in today’s world of empowered end-users and proliferating data.
Secure Communication and Collaboration Made Active and Easy-to-Use

Unlike first-generation offerings that either simply block communication or audit violations, Larkin’s solution actively enables secure, intercompany and business-to-consumer communications. Our policy-based email encryption service automatically encrypts sensitive emails and delivers them to any PC or mobile device—all with a seamless, easy-to-use experience. In addition, our secure file-transfer solution makes it easy for end-users to securely share and collaborate on large documents.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Our proprietary security-as-a-service solution can be deployed in Larkin’s global datacenters, in a private cloud on the customer’s premises, or in a hybrid combination that leverages both Larkin and customer assets. All three models leverage the big-data systems deployed in Larkin’s cloud for global threat correlation and analytics, high-speed search, software updates and other core functions.

This deployment flexibility enables Larkin to deliver superior security and compliance while maintaining the favorable economics afforded by cloud computing and is a major competitive advantage over legacy on-premises and cloud-only offerings. In addition to cloud economics, customers also realize significant TCO benefits by deploying a single integrated data protection solution from Larkin rather than incurring the licensing, integration and operating costs associated with disparate security, compliance and governance systems.